We like to think that we are conquering the world one cup of coffee at a time! We drink a serious amount of coffee….

Do you know that feeling when you wake up in the morning and you can tell it it’s going to be a great day?  That feeling you get when the air is starting to get crisp just before fall starts and the leaves change.  Or when you were young and you stayed home sick from school but you got to watch the Prices is Right.  That is how we try to look at everyday  With the most excitement and joy that we have.

As we have grown older… and wiser?… well at least older…. We have realized that we love the journey that we are able to take with each and every couple down the aisle. We start as strangers and we leave as friends.  There is nothing more beautiful then a love story and no two are created equal. It is in those little differences that we are able to find the excitement and beauty of that new day.
We are constantly finding beauty in life through the light that we are looking for.  Everyday is precious and we would be honored to share your love story our way.  With two different sides to the same story, your story, told beautifully in front of our cameras.