How many images can we expect to receive after our wedding?

Depending on the hours of coverage you contracted with I Heart My Groom you can expect to receive it anywhere between 600 and 800 final edited images on your very own online gallery. Along with the gallery all of our couples to receive a USB drive with all of the images on them. The number tends to fluctuate depending on whether the couple ops to see one another prior to the ceremony, if you have a good amount of details, in the time you’re willing to spend with us allowing us to be creative as a team. The more time we have to do what we do best the more images we provide to our couples in the end.

Do you shoot film or digital?

For the majority of the day we are shooting film. We switch to digital ones the light becomes low during reception hours in the dance photos. After the wedding you will receive the full resolution image on a custom USB regardless of the format that we are shooting.

Do you travel for weddings?

Yes! We are available for commission worldwide. We have been as far as Germany and as close as San Francisco. If our travels do require a flight we require two round-trip tickets and three nights hotel accommodations. A travel quote will be added onto all wedding that are outside of California. Other than that there will be no additional fees added onto a wedding package.

To you accept a shot list?

As we can to get closer to your wedding day we will ask you for a list of desired family portraits. This list should include the names of your relatives and the groupings you want to include them in. This becomes extremely helpful to ensure that we make the family portrait session move as efficiently as possible. If for some reason you are unable to deliver a shot list to us before the wedding day we will definitely improvise the groupings that we need but we will also need a little bit of help from you. As for a shot list that include things like the dress, the cake and the first kiss. Please rest assured that if it is a typical event on a wedding day we will capture it. If you have something completely unique to you and your wedding please let us know!

When did you start shooting weddings together?

That’s a funny story…. Well not really… But kind of. We were both fresh out of college and started working at a local senior photography studio. Now I know what you are thinking and no it wasn’t at a retirement center but that sounds awesome and if you know anyone we love the elderly! There stories are like a window back in time. That’s just a fun fact though and now you