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mother nature sure did try to change our plans for this session…. we all stuck it out and pushed through…. and we were rewarded with a beautiful evening…. these two we so natural with one another…. as we walked around ellwood we found ourselves easily falling into great conversation…. we shared laughs and a longer walk back to the car than we had hoped for…. we are so excited to have these two in our lives this year and cant wait for their wedding day….


xoxo….felicia and maddy…..


while this was a cold a dreary day these two helped us forget about the cold…. jeanne wanted to start at the carousel and we are so happy that she did…. it is a fun and way under used location in santa barbara….. we always forget that it is there!… it was amazing to start there and then move to our favorite of all of the beaches in santa barbara…. we look forward to hanging out with these two on their wedding day!…


xoxo…felicia and maddy…